Mental Health Now

We have a mental health crisis in our country. Millions of Americans are facing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more – personally or with their loved ones, the time to do something is NOW.

More than 630 candidates and elected officials, from every state in the country and 10 gubernatorial candidates, signed the Mental Health Now statement of support. 

As Congress, State Legislatures, and City and County Councils convene, we are working with these bipartisan leaders to win better mental health policy. 

Winning Better Mental Health Policy

We all deserve a future where we have the support we need to thrive. We need candidates and elected officials who will work to provide real solutions to this crisis. We need candidates and elected officials at all levels to sign the Mental Health Now Statement of Support.


the availability of mental health care for everyone in need.


wellness and early intervention by expanding youth mental health services.


crisis response for anyone experiencing a mental health emergency.

See if candidates in your area support mental health.

What Candidates Are Saying