Mental Health Now is an initiative of Inseparable Action, an advocacy campaign working to ensure that mental health is at the forefront of policy in this nation. Mental Health Now recognizes candidates who commit to prioritizing mental health policy. In 2022, more than 630 candidates and elected officials, from every state in the country, signed the Mental Health Now statement of support.

Increase Availability of Mental Health Care

Anyone should be able to get mental health care, but millions go without it. Mental health care should be readily available, affordable, and accessible.

  • Build a robust mental health workforce —from professionals to peer supporters. 
  • Make telehealth permanent, affordable, and portable.
  • Ensure that mental health care is covered by insurance the same as physical health care.

Promote Prevention and Early Intervention

There is a youth mental health crisis in our country, and there’s something we can do about it. All schools need resources to support student mental health.

  • Increase the number of mental health professionals in schools.
  • Partner with parents and community providers to support students’ mental health.
  • Provide mental health education for students and staff.
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Improve Crisis Response

There’s a new three-digit Suicide & Crisis Lifeline number, 988, to call in an emergency. But a number is not enough; people need lifesaving crisis services that get them on the road to recovery.

  • Equip local 988 call centers with the resources to respond effectively.
  • Expand mobile crisis teams to provide on-the-spot mental health response.
  • Invest in crisis stabilization options for people who need more support.

Mental health is health. With tangible policy solutions, we can help Americans thrive.