Mental Health Month Toolkit

May is Mental Health Month. Our toolkit highlights themes like access to care, crisis response, and youth mental health that will be critical to improving mental health in every state.

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  1. 50 million adults and over 8 million kids experience a mental health condition each year. Half do not get the care they need. (Source: Mental Health America, The State of Mental Health in America 2023)
  2. Nine-in-10 voters (90%) say expanding access to mental health care should be an important priority for elected officials. (Source:
  3. Nearly 75% of insured adults who have received mental health treatment in the past year had a problem with their insurance. (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Survey of Consumer Experiences with Health Insurance)
  4. Mental illness disproportionately impacts young people. 50% of mental illnesses begin by age 14, and 75% by age 24. (Source: National Alliance on Mental Illness)
  5. 76% of teens say their school should offer more outlets for students struggling with mental health. (Source: 4-H and The Harris Poll on Teen Mental Health)
  6. 86% of young adults aged 18-24 believe that discussing mental health challenges openly helps reduce stigma. (Source: National Alliance on Mental Illness. (2019). StigmaFree Survey)